Architecture, Design and Nature Finds for your travel inspiration


Archi-Find is about finding Architecture and Design throughout the world and bringing it to you. I will locate interesting and thought-provoking locations and show you what it is all about. By doing this I hope to inspire you to have a deeper look at the Architecture you come across in your own travels.

I have also included a section for Nature-Finds which is another passion of mine. Nature provides an Architecture of it’s own, and some truly awe-inspiring structures are created this way. Nature is also a means of inspiration for many famous Architects and Designers, so I feel it has an important place in this blog.

Hello readers!

I’m Lauren. I’m a 26 year old Architectural Designer from the UK, and I love to travel! Over the last few years I have managed to travel quite extensively whilst holding down a full time job and I wanted to show you all, through my own photographs, what I have been up to.

I hope I can inspire you to travel and take in the amazing architecture you will come across. Let me know what you are up to at the moment too. I love to hear others travel experiences.