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Architecture Finds in Oxford, UK

This week I wanted to focus on a city rather than a specific building or place. I thought what better place to start than gorgeous Oxford. As an architecture geek, Oxford was perfect for me. There are fantastic looking buildings everywhere you go. Oxford recognised this a long time ago and have done a lot to protect the old buildings, and set a precedent for anything new built. This was cemented in the culture of the city, a lot of which is down to the University of Oxford’s growth.

Oxford is an easy train journey from London so if you are in the city it is great for a day trip. Alongside the Architecture there are museums, coffee shops and markets that all have something quaint about them.

We spent the day hunting down some gems throughout the city. One of which was Zaha Hadid’s Investcorp Building, but I will tell you more about those in a later post. Throughout the main town the Gothic and Baroque buildings are prevalent but if you head further out there are many modern builds that have huge significance. Overall, this is a beautiful city. Well worth a visit.

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