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Durdle Door – UK. A natural limestone archway, born to the Jurassic Coast.

This stunning Nature Find was something I had to see for myself. The unusual formation in the rock is a majestic sight and it’s peaceful sitting on the beach in awe of it. The curve of the coast line frames the arch with clear blue waters that are great for shallow bathing; although a little too cold most of the time. The shingle beach is accessible by foot, from the car park at the top of the cliff, and is only a short walk from Lulworth Cove. A great day trip for anyone who wants a secluded beach for relaxing, and even better for geology fanatics. Durdle Door is a part of the Jurassic Coast of England and the history of it, is in the name. The rocks contain records of 185 million years of the Earth’s history. Dinosaur fossils have been found throughout the Jurassic Coast and you can even search for your own fossils in some areas today. This 95 mile stretch off the South coast of England is a must see, and Durdle Door is the certainly one of the gems of this World Heritage Site.

The peaceful waters surrounding this geological wonder.

Quick Facts about this Find:

– Durdle Door is a part of the Jurassic Coast of England.
– The arch was created around 40 million years ago but the rocks date back 185 million years to the Mesozoic Era.
– Fossils can still be found today throughout the Jurassic Coast.
– A great place for a day trip from nearby Weymouth, and close by to Lulworth Cove.

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