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Gellért Spa – Budapest, Hungary

The Gellért Spa is certainly one for the to-do list in Budapest. Although it opened nearly 100 years ago in 1918, the thermal bath tradition in Budapest stems back to the 13th century, and the waters were used by the Roman’s dating back to the 2nd century. The Gellert Spa has some outside pools, which include one with a wave machine, and inside has more thermal baths, saunas and plunge pools. It is a great place to go to relax after exploring the city. Remember to take some water with you or at least a water bottle and use the fountains to fill up, as you will get very dehydrated in the heat. A short walk from the Liberty Bridge, the bath is located inside the Gellért Hotel on the Pest side of the city.

The Art Nouveau style makes this bath unique and simply beautiful. It’s a nice addition to relax in such a lovely surrounding. The ornate details, colourful tiles and stained glass windows make it a place to get lost in thought; truly a perfect setting for a spa.

I think the photographs speak for themselves on this one so I’m keeping this one short but let me know if there’s anything you want to know in the comments!

Quick Facts:

– Built in the Art Nouveau style, creating a beautiful setting for this spa.

– Opened in 1918. It was damaged throughout World War II but was restored.


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