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Pompidou Centre – Paris, France


Opened in February 1977 the centre was an instant success. Built to house a multidisciplinary cultural centre that would include a public reading library, a music centre plus modern and contemporary art exhibitions. In 1992 a reorganisation meant that the centre would also include a department for cultural development that introduced live performance, cinema, lectures and debates. It is visited by around 3.5 million people per year and is one of the most popular attractions in Paris.

The Architecture is truly outstanding in my eyes. The exterior load bearing structure means the interior is completely void of intrusive structural columns. This allows the centre to have full control over the expansive layout, which is perfect for displaying temporary exhibitions. This coupled with the exterior tubes for circulation, makes for an impressive facade. Steel and glass are the main building materials which create an exoskeleton to this seemingly transparent building behind. This didn’t dampen the impact though, as flares of colour are used throughout to represent movement. Yellow for electricity, green for water, blue for air and red for people.

You must see this building to appreciate the structural integrity of it. Even if cultural arts aren’t your thing there is a lovely (yet a little expensive) restaurant/bar on the top floor that gives fantastic views across Paris, and you access it the same way through the tubular escalators to the front of the building.


Quick Facts:

– Opened in 1977 to house a multidisciplinary cultural centre.

– Colours on the exterior represent movement throughout the building. Yellow = Electricity, Green = Water, Blue = Air and Red = People.

– The structural exoskeleton means that the interior is void of structural columns to allow maximum creativity with the expansive floors of the building.



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