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Yosemite National Park Mirror Lake

1 Day in Yosemite National Park – California, USA

Now I know what you are thinking, “Just 1 day in Yosemite! Are you mad?”. Honestly, I could spend weeks in Yosemite, surrounded by it’s towering mountains and calming rivers, but you don’t always have the luxury of time. And so that, my friend, is […]


What a way to see the Golden Gate Bridge!

Another fantastic bridge this week! Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco, California and is a must see. History and Architecture This bridge was famous for being the world’s longest suspension bridge when it was constructed back in 1937. An impressive 80,000 miles of […]

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South Kalibab Trailhead Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – Arizona, USA.

The first Nature-Find of the series. On our road trip we visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Most people don’t visit the North Rim and then still around only 5% of visitors actually descend down into the canyon. We hiked down from the […]