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Travel Plans 2018 – We’re off on our longest trip yet!

So, it’s official. The trip we have been waiting for. We’ve thought about it for years, but 2018 is the year we decided to take the plunge.

Our visas are approved, our flights booked. We’re off to… China, Vietnam and Cambodia starting in September! I cannot explain how excited we are for this trip. Our travel history is filled with European countries so we were determined to go somewhere totally different this time. My husband and I both work full time, so we had to apply for sabbaticals at work to achieve this dream trip. If you don’t ask you don’t get after all! Our careers are very important to us both, but we knew this was the right move at this point in our lives.


My Husband wandering around the streets of Bruges, Belgium. We love Europe but we wanted to go further afield this time.


The run up to our trip

We’re in full travel planning mode at the moment for the 10 week trip. We are starting off in Beijing and travelling down through Mainland China; stopping off at places like Xi’an and Yangshou (I’ll tell you more about those later!). Then we are crossing the border to Hong Kong for a few days to meet an old friend, before heading off to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Our plans for China are pretty well thought out, as although we have a few weeks there, it’s a huge country! We are also aware of the language barrier so we are going to be learning a few basics and using some handy apps to help us get by. We have planned out our sleeper trains and the occasional bullet train to get around as we wanted to avoid flying where possible.

As for Vietnam and Cambodia we are just going to see how we get on. We have some thoughts about the areas we want to visit but that’s as far as we have gotten.

It’s been an interesting experience working out all the visa requirements for China so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that soon. The information is all there but it’s just not easy to find so I intend to provide a short guide for all you need to know.


Walking the walls of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. We have some awesome recommendations for Things to do in Dubrovnik!


While we’re there

Then, while we’re out there I’ll keep you all up to date with our travels. I’ll do this mainly through Instagram and Twitter as they are without a doubt the most fun platforms to use so if you haven’t already, follow me here:



Have you got any recommendations for our trip? Anything we just cannot miss? Maybe a hostel or hotel recommendation, or somewhere awesome to eat? I’d love to hear them so let me know below!

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